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ディーツフードプランニング株式会社 ロゴマーク
  • The design under the letters Deats represents “a vessel that accepts all”, which means accepting “everyone” and “the world” a part of our Vision and Mission
  • Deats means “eat” (eat) “Dietary Fiber” (dietary fiber) and “Slim, Slender, Stylish“
  • The base “blue” represents ”health”, “sacred”, and “Earth”
  • Health : Blue, which was taboo in the food industry, was used as a revolutionary “new concept” as a color to express “health”
  • Sacred : The motif is “blue cloth” that has been used as a sacred color since ancient times in Japan
  • Earth : Meaning “everyone” and “the world” in our Vision and Mission


ディーツフードプランニング株式会社 色
  • The tricolor stripe used in many situations means “earth” in particular, and the stripe is the color that embodies Deats
  • From the Earth: “Blue Skies”, “Blue Seas”, “White Clouds”

【Dark blue】RGB:15,16,118
【Light blue】RGB:52,170,205


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