Deats was born from two traditional Japanese ingredients, “Okara” (a product created in the process of making tofu) and “Konjac”.

It is a next-generation health food, likened to meat and fish, but is low in calories and high in dietary fiber.

Deats’s DNA is based on the “Mottainai(let’s not waste) spirit” that the Japanese have cherished since ancient times. Our patented food technology is “Konjac”, combined with food residues (like “Okara”), that have typically been discarded, even though they can be eaten deliciously.


Soybeans × Konjac

Deats, born from Okara, is rich in dietary fiber!
No meat or fish is used.

Deats, born from Okara, is rich in dietary fiber! No meat or fish is used.
Trendy Ingredient for Dieting

Trendy Ingredient
for Dieting

In 2005~2010, it was trending as the ’go-to’ ingredient for dieting.
Because we wanted more people to live healthier and happy lives, Deats was reborn to become tastier and healthier.
With our trade secret technical process, unlike many other processed soy foods, our products produce no unpleasant odors. In addition, it can be delicately seasoned, while used as not only an alternative to meat, but also as a substitute in a variety of different meals.

Next-generation Health Food Made with Plant-Based Ingredients

Health Food
Made with
Plant-Based Ingredients

In Europe and the United States, more and more people are choosing meat alternatives made with plant-based ingredients, instead of livestock meat (such as beef and pork).
For this reason, Plant-Based Food has a growing support group, for those who are highly health-conscious, and those who want to actively incorporate vegetable proteins.


Prevent Overeating
Point 01

Prevent Overeating

There is an abundant amount of glucomannan (a type of dietary fiber) contained inside.
When exposed to water, it greatly expands, so it swells in the stomach by ingesting it.
You’ll feel satiated with lower than usual amounts of food, while improving your bowel movements.
In addition, glucomannan is said to alleviate the rise in blood sugar levels after meals, and lowers cholesterol levels. It’s said to also prevent lifestyle-related diseases, with the addition to dieting.

Reference: National Research and Development Agency,
Health and Nutrition
Safety and efficacy information of “health foods”

Low in calories and fat
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Low in calories and fat

The raw materials “okara” and “konjac” originally contain less oil than meat. Consequently, it tends to have fewer calories and fat.

On average, calories and fat can be lowered by about 30 ~ 50% compared to meals made from meat, fish, etc.

For example, Deats fried chicken is about 50% lower in calories compared to regular fried chicken.
(Comparison with oil-conditioned commercial products)

Rich in dietary fiber
Point 03

Rich in dietary fiber

6g (or more) of dietary fiber per 100g in all Deats’s products

Deats’s Products contains a good balance of insoluble dietary fiber (derived from tofu curd) and water-soluble dietary fiber (derived from konjac), both of which can be effectively ingested.

Our products made of tofu curd and konjac, deliciously supplements the dietary fiber that ‘modern-day’ people tend to lack.

※Excluding some products

Versatile Ingredient
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Versatile Ingredient

Deats has the taste and texture of meat and fish, with our proprietary manufacturing methods.

The versatility of Deats allows it to reproduce flavors and cooking methods, from a wide variety of recipes in both Asian and Western Cuisine (both sweet and savory).