Social Media Policy

Deats Food Planning Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Deats”) When it’s officers and employees use social media, Deats shall comply with the basic rules set forth below. Social media refers to social network services (Facebook, mixi, Twitter, etc.), blogs, Wikipedia, etc.

Purpose of the Policy

The purpose of this program is to promptly provide information to an unspecified large number of users with all backgrounds and circumstances, including the transmission of information in the event of an emergency, and to facilitate the sharing of information among related parties. At the same time, Deats will be fully aware that information transmitted on the Internet via social media can be accessed and viewed by an unspecified large number of users, that information once transmitted cannot be completely deleted, and that the transmission of information by each individual will have a considerable impact, thus, Deats will be considerate and act responsibly.

Tips for using social media

  • To listen carefully to the voices of our customers and users and act in good faith so that Deats can earn their trust.
  • To transmit information based on the understanding and recognition that even if publicly available information is deleted for administrative reasons, it cannot be completely deleted from the Internet.
  • Since social media is online, understand and recognize that it is accessible to an unspecified large number of users, and that Deats is conscious to be responsible when disseminating information.

To all users of social media

Regarding opinions and inquiries to our company, Deats can not reply on our official account. Please be aware of this in advance. For details on the operation of each account, please refer to the list of official accounts.
※There are similar accounts, but there are cases where a third party manages and operates them.

Inquiries about our social media policy

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the following.
Company Name:Deats Food Planning Co., Ltd.
Division:General Affairs Department